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Derrick takes every thrust of Quentin’s bare cock like a champ.While Quentin is fucking him, Derrick is stroking his cock and soon enough he shoots his load all over himself.

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This time round he got to fuck Courtney Shae whom he had met at a party last night.

Courtney couldn’t resist this hot masculine man and they went to his place to have some wild fun in bed.

The new haircut and additional muscles suit him great.

Preview video: It was sometime during last Summer that I saw Brandon Bronco for the first time.

Mark thinks his hole is ready to be penetrated for the first time, so the two experiment with some strap-on (not shown in these preview pics).

I personally don’t particularly get off on women fucking men with dildos, but hey, as they say, "Different strokes for different folks". All in all, I really dig Mark Long, not only because of his obviously long cock, but also because of his masculine, thug-like appearance.

As soon as he got near the house and took some boxes that he intended to move to another place, he noticed Derrick on the porch with that air conditioner repair guy.

Quentin has over time become aware that Derrick got more interested in guys, and wanted to experiment with them sexually.

And instead of truly helping him, it seems everyone wants just to take advantage of the situation and offer indecent proposals.

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