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must meet very different demands when employed on a number crunching server compared to a file server, for example.

Generally it is not possible to ship a distribution that will by default be optimized for all kinds of workloads.

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Offers an introduction to setting up and managing virtualization with KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The guide also contains detailed information about requirements, limitations, and support status.

Auto Ya ST is a system for installing one or more SUSE Linux Enterprise systems automatically and without user intervention, using an Auto Ya ST profile that contains installation and configuration data.

This includes additional documentation that is available on the system as well as documentation available on the Internet.

For an overview of the documentation available for your product and the latest documentation updates, refer to or to the following section: Shows how to install single or multiple systems and how to exploit the product inherent capabilities for a deployment infrastructure.

Supports the administrator with security-related choices and decisions.

An administrator's guide for problem detection, resolution and optimization.

However, this does not guarantee complete accuracy.

Neither SUSE LLC, its affiliates, the authors nor the translators shall be held liable for possible errors or the consequences thereof.

The manual guides you through the basic steps of auto-installation: preparation, installation, and configuration.

For services and support options available for your product, refer to

The great versatility of Linux makes it possible to configure your system in a way that it brings out the best in each usage scenario.

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