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But while being cheated on may be seen as a universal negative, the question of what to do when your partner’s been unfaithful is a tough one.

It’s very easy to decide what to do in the abstract – drop them like a bad habit, destroy their shit, stand by your man, forgive and forget, etc – and to armchair quarterback relationship…

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Then there are those who use affairs to get slamming their hands on the relationship self-destruct button – as acts of self-sabotage, as weapons of last resort, or even just because they’re afraid and hitting the eject button rather than facing their fears. One of the things that needs to be considered in the wake of discovering that you’ve been cheated on is the circumstances of the affair itself.

It’s very easy to assume that being cheated on is a black-or-white issue – either your partner betrayed you or they didn’t.

Former Queensland premier and GOLDOC chairman Peter Beattie said hosting a clean games was their main focus, and vital for the 2018 Games' reputation."Pre-testing is so important because that stops people getting here who are in fact drug cheats,” Beattie said."It's about reputation and about the quality of the event.

Australians hate cheats, they want to see good competition, but they want to see it fair."There's always someone who wants to break the rules.

Everyone who’s discovered their partner’s indiscretions almost always says the same thing: “I wish I’d never found out.” Processing the fact that your partner has been banging someone else is painful enough.

All asking for the details will do is give you things to torture yourself with and images that will never leave your head.

We have a mental image of what a cheater looks like and why they do what they do – they’re selfish, they’re predatory, they’re egotistical, they don’t “really” care about their partner, etc.

But while the cartoon villain in our heads is easy to rail against, in practice however, there tend to be levels of nuance that can take easy, obvious answers and make them incredibly complicated after all.

Ignorance isn’t exactly bliss in this case but it’s a of a lot less painful. Despite the seeming obviousness of it, most infidelities about sex.

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