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We also went online to read other reviews from members of the site to see what they had to say about this site.

Unfortunately we were left wondering if there were any legitimate reviews at all.

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You can chat with women for free and surprisingly the chat messages are not automated on this site.

We asked specific questions such as what time it was and we received the right response, so there are real people on this site.

Most good reviews that we found seemed fabricated and not written by people who use English as their first language.

Besides car games, we offer a lot of car-related categories such as parking, truck and bike games.

We did find what seemed to be legit reviews complaining about the service and how it seems to use professional model images (see evidence below).

All the positive reviews seemed to be written by people who are not native English speakers.

Rodman, who has been to North Korea several times and has an unlikely friendship with Kim Jong-un, even suggested that the rapper could make an album about it.

Rodman's invitation came after Kanye recently praised the former NBA star on Twitter, saying he was one of his 'biggest inspirations'...The North Korean leader was fired-up as he berated bosses while wandering through a factory, power station and holiday camp, state media reported.

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