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The woman that was once my best friend looked at me with such hate and discussed. Worked at a rehab for 2 as a Director of Stress Elimination and saw that 70% of our clients were addicted to Oxy.This monster named Oxy Contin distroys emotions, common sense and the ability to care about anything that at one time held some value in their lives. When she was cut off, a friend introduced her2 heroin. Most of them were VERY YOUNG and had started well before their 18th birthday as well.TO EASILY PRESCRIBED, SO VERY MUCH ABUSED , INNOCENT VICTIMS RESULTING IN DEATH. SORRY FOR THE REALLY LEGIT SICK PPL WHO MAY SUFFER THIS BAN. CBD for instance is non-addictive and works better than Oxy.

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They can be very abusive to the people that live with them.

Fentanyl killed my niece, Tom Petty, and Now I believe another family member and she was in the hospital and they gave it to her!

Our son and family struggled for many years trying to end the addiction that the greedy pharmaceutical companies, doctors and the FDA have created. The drug companies and the doctors who prescribe these medications need to be held accountable.

How many more lives will they allow to be destroyed before something is done to ban this drug and end this epidemic? I had a friend who wasn't abusing this medication only took the prescribed died of having this drug in his autopsy showed nothing else can his system..medication,even if you take it correctly will kill you.

I am fully aware of the need to alleviate pain for patients, I am a retired RN , worked 25 years in hospital nursing, trauma-surgical, ambulatory surgery, endoscopy.

There are other narcotics available to prescribe and administer for pain.

PS Most all addiction to street drugs began with Marijuana, so don’t kid yourself and say that Marijuana is harmless unless you have approx.,000-,000 for that persons funeral because that’s where they all end up.

Going through a tough time with my wife as she has recently been prescribed these.

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