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[tags: prison system, prisoners, inmates] - The first article ‘A Host of Trouble’ by Emma Schwartz details the thorny issue of parental liability for their teenagers illegal drinking.

Schwartz does a decent job at outlining the problem of excessive underage drinking and one of the current politically motivated legal solutions to the problem.

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[tags: Education] - Current Economic Issues- Impact of Technology 1.

Technological change has impacted on employment since the beginning of the 20th century because it has both created and made many jobs redundant.

After the civil war, women and those of different ethnicities were thrown into the college scene.

However, even today there continues to be the ongoing debate on how it is best to enroll, educate, and graduate these students that were once denied higher education.

The rise of couples who cohabitate prior to marriage has altered the way our society perceives marriage and relationships and led to a reformulation of the dating process.

Prior to the 1960’s it was seen as untoward for couples to have live together if they were not married....

The CDC informs that children should be screened for ASD at the age of 18 to 24 months during regular well-child doctor visits.... (1) Financial Planning Careers There are a number of financial service careers and two that are growing and critical in the field of finance are becoming a Financial Adviser (FA) and Certified Financial Pla...

[tags: early intervention, screening, treatment] - Florida Government – Current Top Issues To begin with, it should be noted, that the government of Florida is operated and established according to the Constitution of Florida, which is the main law document of the state. [tags: Personal Finance] - Another issue might be arise due to needle and syringe exchange program is legal and law enforcement.

- The “Tough on Crime” and “War on Drugs” policies of the 1970s – 1980s have caused an over populated prison system where incarceration is policy and assistance for prevention was placed on the back burner.

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