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For centuries, Akkadian was the native language in Mesopotamian nations such as Assyria and Babylonia.

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Within the Near Eastern Semitic languages, Akkadian forms an East Semitic subgroup (with Eblaite).

This group distinguishes itself from the Northwest and South Semitic languages by its subject–object–verb, while the other Semitic languages usually have either a verb–subject–object or subject–verb–object order.

2334–2154 BC), but the language itself precedes the founding of Akkad by many centuries, being first attested in the 29th century BC.

The mutual influence between Sumerian and Akkadian had led scholars to describe the languages as a sprachbund.

Until the Old Babylonian period, the Akkadian sibilants were exclusively affricated.

Old Akkadian is preserved on clay tablets dating back to c. It was written using cuneiform, a script adopted from the Sumerians using wedge-shaped symbols pressed in wet clay.

Nor is there any coordination in the other direction; the syllable -ša-, for example, is rendered by the sign ŠA, but also by the sign NĪĜ.

Both of these are often used for the same syllable in the same text.

Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Unicode characters.

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