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See more Muslim Dating Chennai: Male 29 - 33 for Marriage A beautiful and smart young girl with strong religious values and an academically inclined competitive spirit.Male 22 - 25 for Marriage Assalamu Alaikkum, Hello! I'm shahul hameed,i'm the one elder in my family, working here in saudi arabia.To optimize your search for women looking for men search by keyword and location and you will find a list of adverts for female dates and women perfectly in line with your criteria and location.

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Male 39 - 49 for Marriage " Dislikes culture spoiling western customs.

All I need is true love and affection and not sympathy.

Insha Allah,awaiting to take up next stage of my life.

Male 27 - 36 for Marriage Kindly spare time to read my profile in full.

Alhamdullilah in that sense, I am actually blessed with 2 mothers in my life.

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I just don't understand why people would like him and why he would be redeemed or even be with anybody.

HINATA-ANYBODY (EXCEPT NARUTO) Why do people have so many where she either cheats on naruto or she hates him or she is with someone else, or finally where there are fics that make out to be a whore like having a harem of guys that is sick.

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I cook and do other household works like washing clothes and vessels,keeping house neat and clean,etc.

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