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So for me I'd rather 2 or 3 average that fill me comfortably in the rough manner I crave We don't obsess with size but broadly speaking average to a bit above average best suits my girlfriend. The bigger it is the easier it is for us to suck on together. I used to indulge in cuckolding couples when I was single and the cuck didn't have to have a cock smaller than mine for humiliation to play a part if they were so inclined.With one particular couple part of the humiliation was based on the fact that my slightly smaller cock gave the man's wife so much more pleasure.I feel for the guys who aren't blessed in the appendage department.

"In my experience most couples looking for a guy want him to be big.

But also if that couple looks for a girl she can't be hotter than the Mrs strange Pmsl.

I also think she orgasms more with a bigger man inside her."MFM couples do you prefer the other guy to have a bigger cock or a smaller cock? We're not in this because hubby has a small cock, or because Mrs wants a monster cock. We meet at clubs - by the time the cocks come out, there's already a physical attraction, we've already chatted and agreed to play.

"I get a lot of invites to meets and parties just for this reason.

So far all the guys have been smaller than me and i'd really like us to play with a really big, thick cock. All things considered I prefer my wife to have someone bigger.

The whole idea is to gather new experiences so why go for the same cock size that she has already?

It turns hubby on as much as wifey."From my experience as a single guy playing with couples, the hubby always likes the other guy to have a bigger cock as they love to see their lady pleasured with it.

It turns hubby on as much as wifey."I am surprised nobody wants a smaller one just for fun and to test whether the statement, "it's not about size it's about how you use it" can be used?

Not to stereotyoe it just comes with part of the fantasy and the culture of someone bigger stepping in has been put in place.

Im honestly of the opinion that its definitely more about ehat you can do with what you have and I can say that proudly as a very well endowed man.

Size definitely matters, it just matters in different ways for different people. 99% of the time ive been asked to cuckold is due to size preference.

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