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They went on to claim that men’s opinions don’t matter, so why read?

These are the same people who will go on sites like ours, and leave a comment that says “this post sucks” and keep it moving. Why would you read a blog with all male writers, if you discredit men’s opinions?

You will find real talk by real dudes on real issues.

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I was having a conversation recently about some of the crazy things a lot of us (men) used to do when we were young whippersnappers. But there’s nothing logical about emotion even though we’ll swear that the craziness was justified in the moment.

Jaquarius rings his girl’s doorbell at pm on a Tuesday talking about “Hey baby, just wanted to drop by and say I love you before going to bed three towns over.” That ***** crazy girl. Not too long ago — maybe yesterday for you — that idle business (grey name) was a problem. ” And let that name sign off then you hear a door open on your computer speakers like two hours later.

Of course on the Internet everyone has an opinion, and we definitely get slandered from time to time.

I mean, I’m used to it, as I’m a veteran of Nahright and if you can survive THAT comment section, you can make it anywhere.

This isn’t CNN, the New York Times, BBC, or the Associated Press. You won’t see case studies, 7 page articles, or the weather here (SIDEBAR: I always thought Meteorology was a sweet profession. You track weather patterns and give the most probable outcome. Not that we don’t have the capacity to report the news, but this is a BLOG not a news website. We write freely, with no regard for MLA like guidelines. Honestly, our substance laced posts get the least exposure, for a myriad of reasons.

If you’re wrong, you can shrug and say “yo this weather crazy” and no one will get mad! Yes we may have typos and grammar errors now and again, but real talk EVERY SITE AND PUBLICATION HAS THOSE! When ii comes to male-female relationship posts, yes a lot of topics are rehashed and have been discussed our entire lives.

Call waiting was cool until cell phone companies started letting callers know the person was on the other line.

This led to men dialing at times they wouldn’t normally dial and a whole lot of “I was just calling to say good night” and one-ring missed calls.

Over the past few months, I’ve seen our blog, and many others, get a lot of mainstream attention in different publications.

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