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Although there may once have been a real need for a queer-specific area, now it is less necessary and furthermore, the community doesn’t demand it.

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More than just queer friendly, in Toronto queer culture mostly feels totally integrated into the fabric of the city.

It is very much a city where you have to make your own community.

We have all come to Toronto with really different backgrounds, and there are probably countless other people who could write another totally distinct guide but we volunteered so you are stuck with us!

Meredydd I have lived in Toronto for most of my life.

In my experience, Toronto has the distinct ability to bend and flex to be everyone’s home.

It still makes me cheesy-grin that I can call it mine.

Melisa I’m a Torontonian by birth, but grew up in and still live in the suburbs.

As a kid I spent many Saturday mornings in Parkdale gallivanting with my family at Bi Way to buy Rockets and Cherry Blasters, go to fabric stores on Queen Street and thrift shop nearby (I’m still just as short, buy Rockets and Cherry Blasters and thrift shop, so not much has changed there).

Having lived in a handful of fairly exotic cities during my transient and wanderlust-ful early twenties, Toronto is actually the first city that I’ve not gotten itchy feet over after 12 months plus.

There are a lot of things to be said for the wildly multicultural character of the city (half of the population was born outside of Canada) but through my own happy accidents and researching for this guide, there’s also a ridiculous amount to be said for the raging queer character of the city, which is integrated so seamlessly into the whole.

However, it just means that the city has lots more to offer the queer resident or visitor than what’s contained in the Gaybourhood.

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