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says people assume, because she was married to a man, that she must be bisexual.She describes her views on sexuality: "Being with someone (sexually) of the opposite sex does not make that person heterosexual.

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She just happens to be female instead of male." Dr.

Lauren Costine, Psychologist, LGBTQ Activist, and author of Lesbian Love Addiction: Understanding the Urge to Merge and How to Heal When Things Go Wrong, shares her journey: "Once I had worked on my internalized LGBTQ phobias, I finally felt good enough about myself to be my authentic self.

I fall somewhere in between, tipping the scale toward homosexual.

I have been attracted to, and fallen in love with, both men and women but find myself drawn to women more than men.

She believes the Kinsey scale is the way to look at sexual attraction.

"On one end of the spectrum you have strictly heterosexual and on the other strictly homosexual.

It is all about desire and attraction, not simply the act itself.

There are, of course, plenty of women (and men) who are bisexual but I am not one of them." Lisa D.

Her discovery simply adds another dimension to who she is." 3.

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