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The person asked to have sex could then choose a 'heart' to say 'yes' or an ' X' to say 'no'. The company behind the app says in the climate of the #Me Too movement, they are trying to "remove misunderstandings and prevent unintentional bad situations" by establishing a consensual contract before sex. Here's the company's response: No, on the contrary. (WKBW) - Want to request sexual consent before dating? The request will show the person's name and picture with a message asking for consent to have sex.

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Direct contact info of ONE girl: cost 100 Euro After she responds positively to your letter and photos.

This means she is opened for relationship with you and expect your call or e-mail.

The controversial app is still in the works, but developers hope to launch it for Apple and Android by the end of February.

There is no legal age limit for dating, but there are laws that define the legal age for sexual activity, according to

This is what the company says to the question "Can I still change my mind? "This app has the danger of giving people false confidence and thinking they could go a step too far because the other person said yes, and try to take advantage.

It can also have victims of sexual assault think that they have no remedy and not go to the police," said 7 Eyewitness News Legal Expert, Florina Altshiler.

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When teenagers begin to date, usually they meet at school and most often, they are the same age.

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