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Well it turns out that Joke Man has Walking Pneumonia! Jackie was out today and even faxed Howard his doctors note that said to stay in bed. He said that he feels sorry for Dave but the group is called Van Halen so Eddie and Alex have to be happy with what they're doing. Last time it sounded like he was saying that he didn't like the way they were raising him.Jackie thinks it's the Stern show that's doing it to him! He stays out all night doing his appearances at Rascals and other comedy stores but it's the Stern show that's killing him? Henry rambled on and on about how he has to fly his sister and a bunch of other people in to testify at this hearing of his.It was probably a scam that Morton threw together to get back at Howard for betting on when he'd die. Daniel is best known for his opening line ''Wake up white people..'' so this listener changed the message to ''go to sleep white people''.

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Jackie denied that saying he didn't need any trouble from his wife. Tiny Tim called in this morning to let all his fans know that he's okay for now.

Fred was sniffing the girls breath to figure out the period thing! Jackie said Tina: YES Carrie: NO, Fred said that neither of them were on their periods and Howard also said that neither were on it. It turned out that Carrie does quite often but Tina doesn't. ' Carrie said that she does it to please her man and Tina doesn't do it anymore although she has done it in the past. So if you want to see what these women look like just pull out your archives and look up Carrie Ann in the September 1993 issue of Playboy and Tina in the May 1990 issue. He had a heart attack recently and just got out of the hospital last week. Tiny said that he hadn't eaten anything in 37 hours when he had his heart attack. Very early this morning Howard had Sting on satellite live from Hong Kong.

She called Henry a ''Stool Pigeon'' because he gets to avoid jail while these other murderers die in prison. After a little bit of talking Howard moved on to the sniffing game.

Really good reason to yell at someone on national radio.. Howard was sniffing one of their stomachs and he started to kiss her.

Well Fred and Howard were correct but Carrie said she's due today. Tiny doesn't like to use bathrooms unless he's able to wash himself afterwords. Ruth is the big story for the day that there wasn't much happening on the show. Sting is out on tour over there and came on to sing a few songs.

That's why he didn't eat or drink before his appearance. He doesn't want to die but if it happens, it happens. Ruth was in this morning to plug some stuff that she's doing. She was plugging a book that she and some other guy have written called The Value of Family, A Blueprint For The 20th Century. Howard replayed Norm Mac Donald's appearance as Bob Dole from last week to use up some spare time this morning. Steve didn't take his test today but it should be sometime in the near future. We did find out one interesting thing about Steve today. I guess that means that he's no longer an intern... Whatever, he's making money now to get Howard's lunch. He did some new song first and then did a few older Police songs for Howard. None of that K-Rock crappy sounding stuff this time.

Robin was going through a bunch of her stuff very quickly. Some of you may have noticed that Jackie has had a nasty cough for the past few weeks. John is now working on another solo album and a movie so if you're a fan of his you have something to look forward toon another solo album and a movie so if you're a fan of his you have something to look forward to. Now he's got to go to some special hearing about his kid because of some of the things he said on the air the last time he called in.

They wrapped up and ended the show after a few more quick stories. He's been coughing up a storm throughout the whole show. John also commented on the David Lee Roth / Van Halen thing. This time though Henry was saying how the people that are raising his kid are doing a great job.

Howard wanted to hold off on the results until Monday but Grillo wanted to get it over with. Howard talked about how Belzer was shooting his TV show in Baltimore and this guy came running around the corner with a guy yelling at him to stop. This girl wrote Howard to tell him that she's getting breast implants in a couple of months and she wants Howard to be the last guy to touch her natural ones. She was telling Howard that she'll sit on his lap naked if he wants her to.

pm After the break Howard got to the Steve Grillo IQ test results. pm After the break Howard came back and had Richard Belzer come in to hang out during the news. He figured he'd do just fine in life if he had an IQ that high.

This woman's Grandfather was some mob guy who was sent to prison because of Henry.

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