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Nevertheless, the idea has a strong hold within the Jewish community: look at any listing of Jewish personal ads and you're bound to find someone "Looking for my bashert." Finding your bashert doesn't mean that your marriage will be trouble-free.

Marriage, like everything worthwhile in life, requires dedication, effort and energy.

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Today we might view these practices more as health and safety issues.

After all, the climate in Israel isn't conducive to storing milk or meat for long.

Jewish life and culture in the first 70 years of the first century centered in the Second Temple, one of the many massive public works projects of Herod the Great.

Crowds of people thronged in and out of the Temple every day, making ritual animal sacrifices to atone for particular sins, another common practice of the era.

New scholarship over the past 65 years has enormously benefited contemporary understanding of first-century biblical history and how Jews lived in Jesus' time.

The ecumenical movement that emerged after World War II (1939-1945) resulted in a new appreciation that no religious text can stand apart from its historical context.

Understanding the centrality of Temple worship to first-century Jewish life makes it more plausible that Jesus' family would have made a pilgrimage to the Temple to offer the prescribed animal sacrifice of thanksgiving for his birth, as described in Luke -40.

It also would have been logical for Joseph and Mary to take their son to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover around the time of his rite of passage into religious adulthood when Jesus was 12, as described in Luke -51.

observes, the Jews didn't compartmentalize their religious faith and their daily lives.

In fact, much of the daily effort of Jews in Jesus' time went into fulfilling minute details of the Law.

The rabbi said that G-d has been arranging marriages.

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