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G., Port Isabel, TX"If my truck breaks down and leaves me on the side of the road, that's a problem.If my boat breaks down or catches fire because the fuel line dissolves from within, that's a deadly problem."— C.

P., Marco Island, FL"I had to replace a 32-gallon below-deck gas tank in my previous boat due to damage it suffered from ethanol gasoline.

I also had to have my four-stroke Yamaha engine on this same boat completely overhauled due to extensive damage by ethanol gasoline."— M.

Petroleum refiners are required to blend renewable fuels like ethanol into gasoline as part of a 2007 energy law passed under President George W.

Bush that sought to slow the pace of oil consumption and its carbon footprint.

(Extensive testing has shown that E15 can severely damage today's boat engines, inboards and outboards alike.) With E15 ever more widely available, and 95 percent of boaters filling their tanks at roadside gas stations, Kennedy warns that the chances of inadvertently filling up with the really bad stuff will be magnified."This is a repeat of what we saw happen last year, but the stakes are higher," reports Kennedy.

"If the rule for 2017 stands, even the limited supply of ethanol-free fuel that we now have in some parts of the country will dry up." A similar email alert to Boat US ­members in 2016 generated an equally outraged response, Kennedy says, and the EPA used its authority to slightly reduce the mandate.

J., Shady Side, MD"The cost to repair a boat engine could run into the thousands. Any potential boat buyer would surely reconsider purchasing from the nightmare stories of damaged boat engines, and that in itself is bad for the economy."— L.

L., La Habra, CA"Each percent of ethanol reduces the engine power by 1 percent.

Upon learning this, the Boat US Government Affairs department sent an email alert to Boat US members, who responded to the EPA with thousands of comments, overwhelmingly telling the feds, loud and clear, "No! Because over the last decade boaters have seen and experienced — often dangerously firsthand — significant and expensive engine breakdowns and fuel-system failures attributable to the 10-percent ethanol blend (E10) now found in more than 97 percent of the nation's motor-fuel supply.

If the EPA's proposal for next year stands, it will force even more water-absorbing ethanol into boaters' fuel tanks, not to mention those of motorcyclists, car collectors, and millions of small-engine (lawn mower, chain saw, emergency generator, garden tractor, weed-trimmer) owners.

Under a 2005 law that created the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) — in an effort to increase the amount of renewable fuels we use in our day-to-day lives and decrease the amount of fossil fuels — the EPA set an increasing number of gallons of ethanol that must be blended into the nation's fuel supply every year.

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