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All of the languages of India can be grouped into two major group that are 1) Indo-European languages that include Hindi, Punjabi, English, German, Spanish, Bengali etc.

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Khaire has recently found several loanwords in early and spoken Marathi from Tamil (adgule-madzule). the Hoyasala minister Perusmala at Mailangi made ``provision for masters to teach Nagar, Kannada, Telugu and Marathi'' (B. The script used for Marathi writing is the same as Devanagari, with an additional ``L'', old Marathi historical documents are found in Modi script.

There were many borrowings from Telugu (tup, tale) and Kannada words are the highest in Marathi spoken under Yadavas (1180-1320). Lewis Rice in Mysore and Coorg from inscriptions) Later Marathi, in Shivaji's times imbibed many words from Persian, Arabic, Portugese and English Maharashtra Shabdakosh (in eight volumes edited by Y. In 1622, Father Stephans wrote Khrista-Purana in chaste Marathi.

It was Classical Sanskrit (800 BC – 500 BC), which was the language of nobles and influential upper class.

Classical Sanskrit is still one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and is an official language of the state of Uttarakhand.

The first written form is in Vijayaditya's Copper-plate, dated 739 A. An interesting couplet in the Jain monk Udyotan Suri's Kuvalayamala in the eighth century, refers to a bazar where different people speak differently, selling their goods: the Marhattes speak Dinnale, Gahille (given, taken).

About the genealogy of the language scholars have different views: C. Vaidya maintained that it developed from Sanskrit, Sten Knonow maintained that it developed from Maharashtri Apabhramsa, others regard it as one of the Pancha Dravida (five Dravidian) groups. Karve) has 1,12,189 words, out of which the words from Persion-Arabic stock are 2,900 and from European stock 1,500.

Apbrunsh later gave way to Khari Boli (900 AD – 1200 AD). From Khari Boli, a more refined language Hindustani which was a mix of present day Hindi and Urdu came into use.

In 19th century, both Urdu and Hindi has separate and refined in their own way.

This means that if you have submitted an application to acquire or renew a Private Hire Driver Licence at any time since 14 October 2016, you must also submit evidence of a Tf L-approved English language qualification.

Tf L's current requirement states that you will need to do this by 30 April 2019, or if submitting after this date, at the time of application.

Vedic Sanskrit was the origin of languages which later gave birth to Hindi and other languages in this group.

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