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It’s probably not necessary, but diving into Subaru’s past life as an OVA could be interesting.

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It’s also one of the biggest video games of all time.

If you love video games, grew up playing them or you still do, you’ll be able to relate.

She loves PC games more than any other types, usually RPG.

Tasuku is the boyfriend of Aguri, the easily upset but cheerful girl from Gamers.

He’s the “casual” type who plays because it’s fun, instead of playing to compete and be the best. Related: 7 Anime Characters You Would LOVE To Play FPS Games With In Real Life Moriko, unlike other gamers on this list, is a self-proclaimed NEET (not in employment or education) and is 30 years old.

She quit a company she worked for and spends time in the virtual world, in search of something the real world can’t offer her.And out of habit he manages to take in what other people are saying, regardless of Kaito’s bad habits of multi-tasking.Squid Girl loves playing video games with Ako and Chizuru’s little brother.Kanata Izumi is the queen of Otaku’s in the world of anime.If you love video games and you watch anime, it’s doubtful you haven’t seen a meme or 2 of Konata. Sometimes a little too laid back for her own good, and much smarter than most people would give her credit for. Subaru Natsuki is a former gamer, meaning before the 1st of episode of Re Zero. Throughout Re Zero he uses gaming references and analogies a lot, leaving Emilia and other characters flabbergasted by the things he says.So from that point of view, Chiaki Hoshinomori is the most dedicated gamer on this list. Related: 10 Interesting Anime Girls Who Are Introverts Junichirou lives by the saying: “I can only do what I yearn to do”.

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