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“Finding a family has now become a global issue,” she said.“I can help with that.” John Hume was in his 60s when he became a client of Marriage by Natali, a respected matchmaking agency in Kiev.

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She knows how to manage her clients’ expectations and introduce them to love interests with long-term potential.

“Common sense is my main guiding criteria,” she told us.

He had even boasted to his friends that he’d give $50,000 to one of them if he ever married again.

He’d felt so hurt after his previous marriages, and he never wanted to go through that pain again.

Of course, look for the second half (love) I believe in the existence of love.

But I'll find it before I get bored Or stop before I find it. For me important meet man who looking for woman like me Lets enjo..

However, John didn’t think Albina was his type (because she wasn’t blonde), and Albina wasn’t interested in marrying John (because he was older than she expected for long-term relations), so they agreed to stay friends and lovers without being exclusive.

Two years later, Albina proposed to John, and he said yes. Natali aims to inspire transformational love stories, like John and Albina’s, in her work as an international matchmaker based in the Ukraine. “I believe in the mission matchmakers can fulfill when they do it the right way.” Natali loves bringing people together and has honed her skills and intuition over decades of hard work.

Your agency must be legally registered and have all the required certification to team with our agency.

To become our business partner Contact Us The President and Founder, Antoine Monnier: Your Love Quest Coach Antoine Monnier is the founder and president of CQMI.

We try to always educate our clients that there is no guarantee for success in the field of introduction and dating, but every new acquaintance has a potential to become relationship, and every new relationship is a whole new adventure and a treasure experience that one should appreciate and cherish. On the contrary we offer services to modern people, whose everyday life is busy, work oriented or lacking opportunities for going to new places, meeting new people, and trying new things.

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