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It's not a complete system in itself, and getting good at the techniques here alone won't be enough to make women sexually interested in you.

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But attempting to do so is going to come across as weird and scare the girl away most of the time as she doesn't know you or feel comfortable enough yet.

Some of the questions she suggests asking are decent, but some are not a good idea.

By Kezia Noble No more hassle of waiting for a delivery. Make your selection from Kezia’s wide range of products, each designed to improve your success rate with women in any area.

Offers advice from the perspective of a woman who experiences first hand the mistakes that most guys make.

It's not something most guys would probably ever consider so this allows you to get a solid understanding of a woman's reality and where she is coming from.

The third reason that Kezia states women won't respond to you is that you didn't develop a deep connection.

For some really great advice on how to handle the early part of a conversation when you first meet a woman, check out Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy.

Kezia continually refers to the concept that people are making their way through life wearing a mask of how they want to present themselves to others.

It would have been great if Kezia had given some advice on how to have a fun and interesting conversation when you first meet a girl, and then what to look for so that you know the girl is ready to start opening up to you more.

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