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Abby continues drinking on occasion, however, and Carter compulsively tries to "fix" her.At one point, Carter is ready to propose to Abby at a special dinner he's arranged for her, but at the last minute, he puts the ring back in his pocket; although they discuss it briefly in a later episode, he never proposes again.At the start of season 7, Kerry Weaver breaks the news to her that her registration for her final year of medical school has been denied due to lack of payment.

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Their relationship is badly strained when Carter's grandmother (Frances Sternhagen) dies, and Abby's brother, Eric, conclusively diagnosed with bipolar disorder, acts out at the funeral and falls into the grave.

Soon after, Carter flies to the Congo and joins Luka, who is volunteering with Doctors Without Borders.

Although Carter is hostile at first, he and Abby become friends over the course of the next season.

Abby's medical training had gone into hiatus and she had become a full-time obstetrics nurse to provide for her then-husband Richard Lockhart's medical school education, but once they divorced she resumed her medical training.

Abby reunites with her father (Fred Ward) in season 13, when he initially approaches her under the guise of being a patient named Eddie Jackson before finally revealing his true identity to her. Carter and Jake, a medical student, but eventually returns to Kovač, with whom she has a son. She befriends many colleagues in the ER throughout the series, particularly female co-workers such as Carol Hathaway and Susan Lewis, and later Elizabeth Corday and Kerry Weaver. Neela Rasgotra, who graduates medical school with her and lives with her during some of Neela's hard times.

Abby tells him to stay away from her, although she later considers inviting him to her wedding. As Carter is phased out of the show and Weaver departs midway through Season 13, Abby and Luka Kovač are the senior figures on the show until their departure in 2009.

Abby eventually reconciles with her mother during the beginning of Season 13 as Maggie is taking medications for her disorder regularly, and Abby is grateful for her support when her son Joe is born prematurely.

Abby's father, Eddie, left the family when Abby was a child, due at least in part to Maggie's uncontrollable behavior.

The character of Abby Lockhart first appears in season 6 of ER in the episode "Great Expectations", guest starring as Carol Hathaway's labor and delivery nurse.

Three months later, she became a regular character in February 2000 as a third-year medical student beginning her ER rotation. Luka Kovač, her first teacher, with whom she will experience a number of professional and personal relationships and who will become the most important character in her long-running story.

Prior to beginning medical school at County, Abby was married to Richard Lockhart; she and Richard were expecting a child at one point, but Abby chose to have an abortion, since she was afraid the child would be bipolar like her mother.

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