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(Run), maybe we can meet up on the sun Discretion is advised for the blood of virgin eyes We limpin' on the track with the Method So get the sunblock (Sunblock), you gettin' one shot (Ha)Until you dissolve, I revolve around everything you got From outta nowhere, prepare, you be blinded by the glare I told you not to stare, now you're turned into stone Without a microphone But don't you forget you're in a zone (So shut the fuck up)And take that shit back, cause all your shits wack(Doo doo is doo doo) when it's weighed out like that Burnin' up your brain like a piston So all those that didn't listen Now they even knew what they were missin' And never even knew that the sky was fallin' down Wu-Tang Clan for the crown[Hook] (2X)[Outro: Method Man]It was over your head, all day and everyday S.Look up to the cross Stranded in the land of the lost, standin' up I'm sideways I'm blazin' up the path, runnin' on the highways of rap Choked up by the smoke and the charcoal Lava stamps then brands me like a bar code I'm bashin' all the media strikes to keep the media dykes As reinforcements for the fight And that alone'll keep John Gotti on the phone I'm tangled in the zone, I got the bees on the track Where the fuck you at?

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Song - N 2 Gether Now - All in Together Now (The Neptunes Remix, Feat.

Method Man) Artist - Limp Bizkit Album - New Old Songs Track # - 06 Released - December 4, 2001 Label - Flip/Interscope All audio and visual components of this video are sole property of the appropriate owner and their use is attributed only to the entertainment of the listener.

[Lady talking]Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the stone rockers I mean some real playas But tonight, they gon' do it all in together[Fred Durst]Uh, check on, uh Limp Bizkit[Verse 1: Fred Durst]Uh, who could be the boss?

)[Verse 3: Method Man]Headstrong, dead calm, get it right on Dead weight to dead wrong, let's get it on Twelve rounds I throw down, who hold crown Protect land with 4 pound, Limp Bizkit Get around like merry-go, bust a scenario Comin' through your stereo, why risk it Lifestyles of the prolific and gifted8 essential vitamins and minerals delicious Word on the street is, they bit my thesis Knocked out they front teefers, tryin' to taste mine Actin like they heard it through the grapevine Dope fiendin' for the bassline 2 for 5 rhyme Pharmaceuticals, hard as nails to the cuticles Where you find that monster she beautiful Wu-Tang and Limp Bizkit roll on the set Kick a hole in the speaker pull the plug and inject[Verse 4: Fred Durst]Mic check, so what's it all about?

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