Jungian personality results dating matches stories of teen dating violence

I believe NTJ's are ones who would want independence. As for radical freedom, yeah, I was using it in place of independence (or better, autonomy) because they're effectively the same thing in context.

I just enabled my results and it says I am a ISTJ who would be best matched with a ESFP or a ESTP.

This is suggesting that my "introverted sensing" nature would be well matched by someone else's "extraverted sensing" nature.

If what's best offered on the table, they'll take it.)Please elaborate more of how you had come to this conclusion.

I do know that thinkers in general values effectiveness, but extraverted thinkers will more likely accept what's on the table unless it really sounds retarded. If there's people I know who hates rules more than anyone, it's perceivers.

Ironically I have always been attracted to (intelligent) extraverted women, so perhaps there is something to it. What it does not explain is where the "cut off" points are in the percentages.

Are you to think that anyone that is 95 to 100 percent means a good match, but not a good one at 90? Should we consider them or are they to far below the acceptability percentages?

Do opposites really attract, or are we to believe that only those that match us within the criteria tested would?

I have contacted a couple of those that were 100% matches to let them know that they were, and to see if they were interested in getting to know each other. Faced with a puzzle board full of thousands of round holes and you holding a somewhat round peg, the match utility may deliver trivial results.

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Has anyone tried the "Matches based on personality" function in the POF search engine?

The [Twelve archetypes] ( are a set of traditional outlines for characters, institutions, and brands.

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