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Thankfully, I was respawning so it wasn't a critical moment, but still jarring and REALLY #%@! If it had happened as I was battling on a point, it could have cost us the game (I was playing ranked, and it was a really close match...

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I just tried to add a button, but I still get the old config. to another one (looks like the icone of the app)The file I used (.png) is still on my Ipad, but not seen ???

The only change I remember, is I have updated the Net IO file ..?

If you're affected by this, please run a Trace route to the address: eu.actual.Then post the trace below.

We’ve been thrilled to see you jump into this so openly, and the moments you’ve created with the community are a testament to how amazing you all are.

Then the updated configurations will be downloaded to your device and you can display them.

Downloading a file from the ui-designer is just a backup option or a way to manually add the configuration to the device via i Tunes filesharing (ios) or SD-card (android).

I was in Hong Kong and got multiple emails from Blizzard.

Emails such as "We’ve received a security request from your Blizzard Account.

When I have tried to modify my config on the Net IO UI designer site,and downloaded the “new” file.json, the modifications are not seen on my Ipad.

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