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Fourth St." There is a discrepancy here; by this time, the Christian Science Church is at this address, and Feinberg says this building was not used as a synagogue after 1901.

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It has since been torn down, and the area is now a parking lot.

A wood garage, oriented east-west and probably erected in the 1940's, still exists at the rear of this lot.

City directories, for example, can have a considerable lag time between compilation and publication and sometimes directory and map details are simply carried over.

It is certain that with time, corrections and new details will come to light.

Murphy Library at UW-La Crosse has two small and rather poor photos of this North 11th Street building, one taken in about 1901, and another from about 1930, after remodeling. The latter photo shows a Star of David on the front of the building, centered up near the roof.

This building would not have been used as a synagogue after the new synagogue on Main Street was completed in 1948. In addition to being one of the village’s oldest settlers and businessmen, John Levy was active in the Jewish community, served as cantor for a time, and often invited members of the Jewish community and others to visit his first home as far back as 1847.(1985), wrote further of Levy that, "Though Jewish, Levy opened his home to all faiths for their religious meetings and for secular gatherings as well." It would be another decade, however, until written evidence of a Jewish religious community began to sprout in La Crosse.Any chronological account of structures like this is subject to errors and misinterpretations, and it is submitted for whatever value it may have.It is just off La Crosse Street and is currently used as a rental residence. No earlier photo was found.1900 - Feinberg writes that as the century turned, the population of the original Reformed Congregation was decreasing as the result of deaths and departures.It had, according to one report, 106 persons in 1877, but only 19 in 1893 and 14 in 1903.The building is identified as a synagogue, providing documentary evidence of its use in that manner.

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