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"All the time when they were going down, he said he knew he wasn't going to be hurt," said Valentine's wife Sharon. He said they were in trouble but that he was going to be all right.

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I was scared enough and thought that if I survive hitting the water I'll bust through the luggage door somehow.

"At some point when I was leaning forward, praying hard, I thought I saw a light and heard a buzzer going off," continued Crockett. were talking about installing devices on planes that they were flying too close to the ground and let (the pilot) know. That's the last thing I remember." After levelling off at 4,000 feet, the plane began to sink.

We hit another tree and bounced off and nosed dived into a railroad embankment.

If we had gotten past the trees we would have made the clearing right before the runway." "When we finally hit the ground, (the pilot) stalled the plane," recalled Woods.

And the pilot said 'don't worry about that, my wing tanks are full,'" explained Sharon Valentine.

"When they started sputtering and spinning the pilot panicked and started screaming. Luckily for me, because I probably would not be here today, is that I should have been sitting where John Valentine was sitting because of the weight factor.

"I kept on wondering why were we trying to get to Wilmington, why couldn't we land in some place like Fayetteville (N. C.) instead of still trying to go all the way to Wilmington.

There was this luggage compartment behind me and I sort of remembered that the plane had this plastic bubble back there.

John reached over and slapped him to try and bring him to. The weight was distributed wrong and the pilot had to dump fuel to take off.

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