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He’s just showing you where his relational values lie. Liking posts from these followed accounts is just taking it up an even more obnoxious notch.

I mean, This is a grown adult who knows how social media works and knows you can see these things.

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I no longer attract circumstances and people who cater to and affirm that subscription because I have unsubscribed.

I write to solidify what I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made so that I can help as many people as possible. Relationships fascinate me – always have; always will.

I personally don’t want to go follow and like a bunch of dick pics. I used to equate that kind of anxiety with “butterflies” but really, it was just me being in an all too familiar dynamic that was instilled in my childhood.

This kind of mentality will always value the reactions that can be mongered from their bros instead of the connection that they don’t know how to establish with the opposite sex. If your partner is implementing his own while giving you and everyone who follows him a front row seat to it, it’s okay to leave the theater.

No one is going to think that you’re weak and if they do, they’re just trying to soothe their own ego from the shock of you doing the one thing that they least expected: Respectfully drawing your own line in the sand.

Trust me when I say there is nothing weak about having your own back and acting on what you know is best for you.

And as much as I love to go in depth with singular questions and topics, I wanted to address 25 of the top dating, self-help, and relationship questions I’ve been asked through the years.

I initially wanted to do 50, but I think it’s best to answer the second 25 in a future post.

They are a 4-hour plane ride away from one another and have been communicating for just over a month.

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