Intimidating people at the gym

There’s no shame in that — I’m a fan of it, actually.

People may think health clubs are filled with incredible hulks and smiling supermodels, surrounded by mysterious, sinister-looking weights and machines. "The open spaces can be intimidating, the cardio machines may feel too close together and, of course, the aggressive salespeople can send anyone packing," says Cindy Whitmarsh, a San Diego-based fitness and nutrition expert.

Jackie Warner, celebrity trainer and Beverly Hills gym owner, adds that a lack of familiarity with the equipment and "gym etiquette" can scare many people away from health clubs.

The act of doing something that scares you, and seeing it through, will make other intimidating tasks seem much easier.

Long story short — if you’re scared of the gym, go anyway, and soon enough you won’t be.

While it’s definitely understandable to be intimidated by the gym as a female, I can assure you that your worries are most likely blown out of proportion. So don’t worry about what other people think and get in there and do your thing!

For some, the hardest part of working out is not the cardio, the leg presses or even the spinning classes -- it's walking into the gym. Five fitness experts offer surefire suggestions on how to better understand and enjoy the gym and make it a welcome part of your fitness program. The atmosphere of the gym can contribute to intimidation.That’s right, in addition to booty gains, you’re also going to make a ton of mental gains by lifting weights.The fact that you are intimidated by the gym (when you know there are plenty of girls who workout in dude-infested sweat boxes around the world) tells you that you need more mental strength.It’s only normal to not be an expert at something when you first get started.The vast majority of gym-goers are understanding and supportive of people who are new to the gym.One of the unspoken rules of the gym is that a person who is wearing headphones doesn’t want to talk.

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