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I have reported the incident to the store manager, but felt this needs to go to corporate as well.

I went to the shoes department to pick up my shoes and check out when I was rudely greeted by Jaymie.

This was interesting because I assumed this was her job?

Needless to say this turned into a bad situation and I am very angry by her actions. If Jaymie does not like her job, find another one because she is ruining Nordstorms reputation. Blake Nordstrom, My name is Sharmayne Cosby I’m a fulltime student and lost my job, I received a call from one of your billing representatives in the attempt to collect on the bill I have with you’ll, I advised her who wouldn’t repeat her name that I’m currently experiencing a hardship and can you’ll put my account on hold to prevent further interest and late fees from accumulation and I can get this bill down.

Reply First of all for you to go into a store and BLATENTLY DISRESPECT people who have nothing to do with your minor inconvenience is appalling.

You said yourself it was your fault, yet you lashed out at people who didn’t aid you in making the mistake. becauce sometimes why they did very bad things to very good people, these bad people want to destroy them with lies and slander …another thing Racism and feeling superior only creates hatred and evil… or they family have bad feelings …they assume that other people are the same as they are bad remember please respect the privacy of others, Reply Sorry to report this bad news about Nordstrom.They have no regard for customer satisfaction and there are lots of other stress that do.At first they said “no, you have to buy something.” I held my ground and asked for the manager.She tried to give me the same line and was not particularly friendly.He struck gold while prospecting and used this money to open a shoe store, Wallin & Nordstrom with co-founder Carl F. When the company opened its second store in 1923 Nordstrom’s son, Elmer J. Elmer’s brother Everett, joined the business in 1928 when he and Elmer bought the co-founders shares when they reached retirement. First I asked to cancel an order placed two minutes prior and they said they couldn’t do it because your system was under revision.

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