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We've reported on it before, but he's done it again, this time at the National Press Club. Play up just how amazing the movie industry is because it "tells stories." Then, transition into just how many "jobs" the industry creates -- and focus on how those jobs aren't the glamorous ones, but those everyday people (the "little people" if you will) -- and always claim that there are over 2 million of them, even if that's massively exaggerated.At least this time he put in the caveat that he was including people who are both "directly and indirectly" in the industry (plus he admits that he's including TV people, as opposed to just movies) -- such as the people who "prepared our lunch today." Of course, I would imagine those people would likely be preparing lunch for someone else even if the movie industry disappeared.I'm not exaggerating when I say a new golden age in television and film is being ushered in.

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Today movies and TV shows can be viewed in theaters, on the big screen, or at home on TV screens, laptops, i Pads, Kindles and smart phones.

There are more than 375 unique licensed online distribution services around the world that provide high-quality, on demand film and television shows, offering the easiest, fastest, safest, highest quality product and viewing experience possible.

No, the challenge is not how to "protect content." The challenge is "how can we make money" and the tech industry has been providing answers to that over and over and over again, creating new and useful tools and services that help the creation, promotion, distribution and monetization of movies.

And the industry has either fought to block or simply looked down upon nearly all of them, until suddenly they're "big enough" to matter, and then they take credit for those innovations.

Don't "work together" on the useless goal of "protecting content." Focus on innovating in a way that makes consumers better off.

It's a simple thing: are you adding value to the consumers, or are you trying to stop them from doing something?

And then you have Vista, with only 2.9% of the market, the user base is quite small when compared to Windows 7 (56%) and Windows 8/8.1 (12.5%) which is likely why Microsoft is passing over the OS when it comes to a smooth upgrade path.

While Microsoft has not officially said when Windows 10 will be released, their next major milestone occurs later this month and Neowin will be there.

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