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Sesi wawancara mereka akan diadakan di dalam sebuah taman tema terbesar di Malaysia.Tetamu selebriti termasuk penyanyi Imran Ajmain dan pelakon Elfaeza Ul-haq.In a way, I was paying homage to my late dad, who will always be one of the two greatest people in my life, and what he went through so that I could have the life I have now.

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Ordinary was the first song to come off the mill and from that, came the others.

I didn’t really start off from a fixed inspiration per se but rather an angle, which is to write something that people could relate to.

Unbreakable is about telling you to toughen your will.

I read once that a dream is created twice, once in your mind and another in reality.

Through a series of discussions, we were able to somewhat move away from the nationalistic sound boundary and hence Act 3 of NDP that year came to form.

I guess in a way, that was the precursor of things to come and we were creatively and mentally setting up the public as well as the government bodies for what’s to come.

Perhaps the biggest personal challenge for me was to come up with something that is current for the younger generation, at the same time, not alienate the older generation.

It should also be universal; that it is not only uniquely Singapore.

There’s almost this nationalistic, patriotic vibe for works done under a government banner.

Sydney and I faced this challenge while working on NDP 2014.

While the obvious approach is to talk about the thrill of success, I choose to go with the angle of the journey as opposed to the goal because I think that in order to make the achievements of sportsmen relatable, I have to “humanise” their “superhuman” feats.

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