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It really doesn’t need to interfere, so here’s what you need to remember when you’re dating and managing your digestive symptoms.

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This post is for those of you that are single and navigating the dating scene with IBS.

Did you just make a date on Bumble, Tinder, Match.com?

But while it was a little upsetting at first, it made me realize that not everyone will understand.

Your date’s initial reaction can offer helpful insight into someone’s character.

Or try my Kale, Tomato & Quinoa salad, find recipe here. Strategy: Cook up one of your favorite low FODMAP meals.

I’ll never forget the hideous words uttered to me by a guy I was dating several years ago.

But when the moment is right — whether it’s the first date or the second — I’d be honest about your digestive troubles rather than keeping them to yourself until further down the line. For one, it’s a great test of their character when you see how they react.

And secondly, it’ll also mean you’re not keeping a secret, which can often be just as stressful as managing your symptoms.

Nothing makes you feel sexier than worrying about your bowels, right? ) But while dating with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can be rather tricky, it’s not impossible.

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