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Alana even shows Elsa some new tricks while Alex secretly whips it out to masturbate until he hits the door and gives himself away.

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Alana goes first until Elsa warms up to the idea, but watching her friend deepthroat her stepbrother is incredible foreplay.

Next thing Elsa knows, she has climbed on the bed so Alana can lick her bald twat and Alex can slide deep inside.

Soon they're snapping photos to send to the object of their desire, unaware that Elsa's stepbrother Alex D. Things heat up when Alana discovers Elsa's hidden stash of sex toys and suggests that they practice together by sticking dildos to the mirror and then riding them.

The girls take turns videotaping the other sliding down onto the dildos.

Elsa Jean has her friend Alana Summers over for a slumber party.

They share some girl talk, and then Alana models a bra and panties for Elsa.

While cleaning-up, Jennas weed container was discovered by him and faced her about it.

Turns this janitor turned out to be a security guard by evening out and was going straight to the principal until he determined hed rather take a good look at her boobs and get his dick sucked instead.

Getting up on her hands and knees, Elsa cries out her pleasure as Alex brings her off doggy style. Hell, it's all so hot watching this tight little Asian teen get ripped apart by that big dick.

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