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We couldn't write this article without including the constant learning curve that every bi-cultural couple goes through.When you start dating someone from a different cultural background with different values, education and traditions, the constant discovery of new things is endless.Isabel Ashdown has created with great skill a coming-of-age story with characters and scenarios to which we can all relate, and whose secrets and shadows remain skilfully just on the edge of sight.

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Now, as she prepares for her school reunion, thirty-nine-year-old Sarah has to face up to the truth of what really happened back in the summer of 1986.

Isabel Ashdown is also the author of The painful vulnerability of an isolated teenage girl in the 1980s is here brought to life in light, simple strokes which hide a deeper shadow...

This can sometimes be challenging and really call into question sensitive topics around your morals and your way of doing things.

But often new discoveries are as light and charming as learning that tiny pasta noodles with ham and parmesan cheese is the comfort food of all French children turned man-children.

Isabel Ashdown has captured every heartbeat of the uncertainty and excitement of growing up.

Duplicitous friendships, awakening sexuality and the trials of school and exams are all depicted as Sarah’s story unfolds.If you're still running a brush through your hair and spritzing on that last dash of perfume at , this is considered pretty normal and won't earn you an over exaggerated eye roll.Any Frenchman who has grown up with a mother, sisters or cousins will be completely immune to running behind schedule, which allows you to finish up those last minute details in complete serenity.Here Rosie Mc Carthy from "Not Even French" and Kate Lewensten from "Unintentionally Frenchified" tell us why foreign women love dating French men.The French have a historical reputation for being womanizers and to be fair, it's not completely unwarranted.Sarah Ribbons is now 20 years older and wiser than her teenage self and has returned home for a school reunion.

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