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And the best part is, she doesn’t wear a bra when she is at home. All this just drives me mad with temptation but I somehow control myself and limit to just jacking off. I also mentioned how my friends stare at her cleavage and waist and she flirts with them when they come home. Stranger: She must be lonely, or is she dating anyone? I have some nasty friends who come around a lot when mom is home so they can get to see her and strike up a conversation.

I watched porn, did chatting in adult rooms, read sex stories and all that.

One day wgile chatting in an adult room I saw a guy who said he was interested in aunties. My intention was to talk dirty only and share some experiences. Stranger: hi Me: hi Stranger: asl plz Me: 18 m, and u?

I got hard by imagining all the dirty possibilities and had to masturbate. Next day I woke up and got to my daily routine and went to college.

Then I went offline and started to think about what all could happen when he would try to seduce mom.

But then he himself asked me about my family so I got a little suspicious.

I decided to play along to know more about what he was trying to do. Stranger: ok, I would like to do friendship with her. I decided to check mom’s chat history after returning home in the evening. I switched on the pc after washing up and opened the offline message viewer software. rakh lo Stranger: ok Stranger: ab let jaun Stranger: apki goud min Stranger: ap ki gaud me let jaun Mom: tum uske liye bade ho gaye ho.. Mom: hmm thik hain Stranger: ok Stranger: min ap k uper let jata hon Stranger: plzzzz ap mujhy apne seeny se laga lein mujhe bhot acha lag raha hai Stranger: ap k sath japhi dhal kr mujhe bhot sakoon mil raha hai. Stranger: 28 male At first I talked about useless stuff like occupation, studies and fantasies etc.

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