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For weeks the Urameshi family agonized and feared that people of the new regime were going to come and take revenge for being an active participant in the war against their invasion.

When words were finally given that the new Emperor was going to spare the lives of the Urameshi family and moreover, let them keep their current status, it came as an incredible relief to everyone.

LATEST: A new canon enters the mix, much to NQK's chagrin.

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One ...― Taylor asked: I've gone through Funimation's catalog on DVDEmpire and watched the "not-so-hidden secret" videos from Skippy on Youtube, and from what I saw, during the mid-00s, Funimation licensed several cartoons for release on DVD and VHS (includin...― Pokemon movies are often known for cheesy titles like “Zoroark: Master of Illusions” and “Hoopa and the Clash of Ages”, but the title of Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story has a very distinct meaning...― FLCL Progressive came to an end last weekend, and fans are still divided on the results.

This week, Nick and Steve parse their gut feelings on this highly anticipated sequel.

― It was standing room only in the Main Events hall at Anime Expo this year, as thousands of attendees had to get their tickets in advance for the world premiere of Attack on Titan's third season.

It ...― Samuel asked: Before Funimation was founded, what was the big-time, English-dubbing company and is it still in existence?

We may add coverage of more spring anime based on future reader interest, so let us know what you'd like to see as the season progresses!

(Please note that Back Street Girls and Baki the Gr...The two go on to carve out a life for themselves in a world with No Gods and No Masters, just men and women pretending to be both.Koenma and Jasmine celebrate their two year anniversary of their first date by spending quality time alone with each other and they enjoy every minute. Inspired by yyhfanfiction’s NSFW prompt palooza prompt 53.Perhaps it's his more human attributes, or simply h...― After focusing exclusively on the youth of Alita and Erica during volume 1, Mars Chronicle shifts to a present-day focus for volume 2, looking at the adult characters and what happens after the events of Last Order. We've recently updated our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. By continuing on our website, you consent that you read and understood these updated policies.Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the...― As a franchise, K had slipped under my radar; I knew it as little more than the colorful anime by the creators of Hand Shakers.

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