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Do you think it’s important for Asians to be represented in mass media?

The skewed view is that Asians haven’t been represented in mass media.

Its lead character, Mulan (Ming-Na Wen), didn’t have any supernatural abilities, but she was hell bent on doing the right thing.

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Check out more of their gorgeous wedding photos in the gallery below: 29-year-old Henry Golding and 31-year-old Liv Lo met by fate on New Year’s day in 2011 at a restaurant in Singapore.

Golding is currently a TV host for BBC’s “The Travel Show”, which airs on BBC World News and BBC Two while Lo is a popular yoga instructor and fashion host in Singapore.

Golding was easygoing and down-to-earth, as we discussed everything from racial representation in mass media to life after marriage, to his past experience as one of ?

I think the book is a fantastic escape for a lot of people.

What seems like just another entry in an endless stream of rom-coms is actually part of something much bigger.

It hasn’t even hit theaters yet and its cultural footprint is already visible.With an impressive résumé that includes hosting gigs for ESPN, National Geographic, BBC, Fox, and NBC Universal, Golding showed no sign of stopping.He’s likeable on-screen, and that likeability is apparent in person as well, in part because it’s layered with humble assessments of himself.I mean, we’re familiar with Singapore, but for somebody reading it for the first time, who has never been there, he’ll have this imagination of how it is.I think just the richness of the characters as well.Relating to characters onscreen is important, not only for us to feel like we belong, but also for others to see and understand us.

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