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Along with her friends, she took the entrance exams along and ended up to be the only one who failed.She persisted on and passed when she retook the exams. After this failure, she took up the acting name Kurumi Hamasaki and had a few minor roles in second-rated-movies such as 'Ladys Ladys!!Thus Ayumi grew up in a completely different background as compared to most kids of her age.

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Her writing style impressed him so much that on her return to Japan, he suggested that she should try writing her own lyrics. Finally, she was also able to put something “hers” in what she was going to release.

Although Ayumi has zero knowledge in lyric writing but she is able to write her lyrics based on her emotions.

Her 9th single 'Boys & Girls' became her first maxi single and it was an instant hit, selling over a million copies.

The following single 'A' was yet even more successful and sold over 1,670,000 copies.

Ayumi worked continuously to release 8 singles and finally earned her first number 1 single, 'Love ~Destiny~'.

Subsequently all her singles would be featured in a 12 cm format.

From August 1995 to March 1996, Ayumi also co-hosted the Sound Link magazine 'Hōkago no Ōsama (, Ayumi ended up wasting her time shopping at Shibuya boutiques and dancing at Velfarre, an Avex-owned disco club, in Roppongi.

Unaware that Velfare was owned by the avex trax, she was introduced to her future producer, Max Matsuura, through a friend who worked there. He continued to convince Ayumi and succeeded in recruiting her under the avex trax label in the following year.

Being after she felt the school modules were useless to her.

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