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In this part of the tutorial, you'll use both methods.Create a new web page named property, so that the key value of the selected row can be passed to another control that you'll add later.URL authorization rules can specify roles instead of users.

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Select an instructor who has a course assigned, and then select a course to see the details.

Finally, you want to show all of the enrolled students and their grades for the selected course.

Each instructor can teach one or more courses, so you'll add an element is included. Select an instructor who has one or more courses assigned, and the course or courses appear in the list.

(Note: although the database schema allows multiple courses, in the test data supplied with the database no instructor actually has more than one course.

Anyone could visit this page, but only authenticated users could view the files' contents and only Tito could delete the files.

Applying authorization rules on a user-by-user basis can grow into a bookkeeping nightmare.To do this, you'll use the control to the collection.This is sufficient to display grades, but you want to make sure that the message in the empty data template is displayed the first time the page is displayed and whenever a course is not selected.To do that, create the following method, which you'll call from two places: Run the page.Select an instructor that has a course assigned, and then select the course.The last column contains the instructor's office assignment, which is stored in a navigation property of the After this, it saves the changes to the database. Change any of these values, including Office Assignment.

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