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and then once more later in december, the first time ever in england at the all tomorrow's parties festival there. for the last month and a half we've been doing prac on it like a motherfucker.

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Watt got shipment of our vinyl yesterday, on top of that he's got boxes of the disc in his pad, so after some quick coff, me and kevin head over to his pad to load the boat with the merch.

On the way back from doing the extra thing yesterday, we made a plan to clean all the shit out the boat, and figure out how to fit everything in the van.

I had called the promoter man but actually he's in oxnard! this pad's got some funny decor and three televisions behind the bar but still it's pretty ok.

I think he's sending a lieutenant to represent him tonight, also he knew nothing about the shirts but no prob, he might as well continue to know nothing about them. some curtains on the stage sides and back help the acoustics I think.

I meet him in the front of the club, and help him unload 8 boxes holding 500 fucking more shirts that we need to find space for.

I'll be doing merch for the first few gigs, so my first plan of action is to roll these deals up. Spend all time at the gig doing this, and pretty soon it's time for us to get up there and do our thing.

so yeah, this third opera of mine: "hyphenated-man" - we've toured it once already, last fall in japan when we were over there w/our lite brothers.

those were the first fifteen times we ever played it. performance at the punk rock bbq at liquid kitty in west l.a.

some traff so maybe three hours to get where we need to be, a pad called "velvet jones" right in downtown santa barbara.

now someone was supposed to be at the pad to receive the shirts via the good folks bill and barbara at tannis root but low and behold: no one's at the pad, same w/the shirts. low and behold: the great folks she uses for shipping have offered to come back (they already tried to deliver to the pad but no one home) and bring us the eight boxes of shirts. I gotta park the boat in the back down a long tiny alley so tom helps direct me for a back-in job so later tonight we won't have major hell.

Thanks so much to the santa barbara people and the bands waiting here to die, and comfort machine for helping us off to a great start for this tour.

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