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Can you imagine a doctor being removed from Tinder for mentioning her job, as if she might be soliciting dates to undergo medical procedures between dinner and dessert?

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Earlier this month, Ariel Hawkins, a trans woman and sex worker, was kicked off the dating app Tinder for mentioning that she does cam work — sex work, yes, but legal sex work.

For some reason, talking about being a sex worker on the Tinder platform breaks its terms of service.

I also use online chat rooms with other sex workers as a form of support.

We support one another, offer advice to each other, and cheer each other on when it’s tough.”Melody Angel, a 29-year-old sugar baby and genderqueer femme, also uses tech to feel safer: “Because solicitation is criminalized, we rely on the internet to survive.

Craigslist, the classified ads site, has completely removed its Personals section, a space that has largely been used by the LGBTQ community, BDSM enthusiasts, the nonmonogamous, and others to connect with people like them, whose sex lives might not quite fit the mold.

The message board Reddit removed several subreddit communities for escorts and sugar babies, updating its rules to prohibit discussions about criminalized sex work.

Twitter is one of the web’s most popular places for sex workers and other marginalized communities to gather, to have a public voice, and to share important safety information.

There was a scare last year when rumors circulated that the site was banning all porn, nudity, or even lingerie — and although that was a misinterpretation of the site’s changes, under the new law Twitter could possibly be held responsible for content posted by any sex worker who uses the platform to engage with potential clients.

We are driving sex workers underground — unsafe work conditions, no job security, a fear of reaching out to police when a crime has been committed against us for fear of being arrested or put on watch.

We have all the technology we need right now, save for easy access to criminal databases to make sure clients aren’t abusive or dangerous.”Sex workers often turn to websites like Eros Guide (to post ads) and Verify Him (to do background checks).

And all are in jeopardy, thanks to new anti-trafficking legislation. This bill combines a previous version of FOSTA with another bill called SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017), and together they could change the internet as you know it.

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