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It’s a terrifying statistic, made more sobering considering that being sexually abused as a child can cause lifelong negative repercussions if victims do not find the support they need to heal.This can include ongoing difficulties with relationships, self-esteem, personal identity, and stress management.We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to.

It is now recognised that sexual abuse does not even have to involve physicality to be extraordinarily damaging to a child and the future adult they will become.

Sexual abuse can can be any situation where a child is exploited for the sexual pleasure of another.

And finally, sexual abuse is linked to the manifestation of certain personality disorders, in particular borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder.

The symptoms above are comprehensive, and many are also symptoms and signs of various other psychological issues. Unearthing previous trauma can lead to falling into a ‘vortex’ of research and worry.

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Appointments are available online via Skype, by phone or in person. In fact having no memory of certain parts of your childhood is often an indicator trauma of some form took place.

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