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Paleontologists at the University of Michigan plan to study the bones in more detail to find out more about what happened to this mammoth, and to the people who may have been there.

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However, radiocarbon dating from the Michigan mammoth points to it being more than 15,000 years old.

If humans were there to cut up and eat the animal, that would alter their historical timeline.

When paleontologists from the University of Michigan came to investigate, they found the skull and bones of an ancient, enormous mammoth.

Recently, the paleontologists returned to the site to see if they could uncover more bones.

They found more from the same animal, as well as some surprising information suggesting that early humans had been there to eat it.

Excavators found several mammoth bones at the bottom of what was once a pond, as well as three out-of-place boulders.

“This wasn’t the first time they’d taken apart these animals,” Fisher explained.

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