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Meanwhile, Petzi Treat Cam only takes snapshots but does not have the ability to record videos.

You can play games only with Pet Chatz and Pawbo , while only Furbo has true infrared night vision.

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From having a great camera that delivers HD videos to the comfort scent, motion alerts, sound alerts, two-way communication, interactive game, and two-way video streaming, all of these make it worth your money.

What’s more, Pet Chatz HD has several unique features that you cannot find anywhere else.

One of the pet cameras available in the market now is the Pet Chatz HD. Read more and see if you will be getting your money’s worth.

Then you have the extras such as the treat hopper, a package of Pet Chatz Treatz, a Pet Chatz Treatz cup, a vial of Pet Chatz Scentz Essential Oil Drops, and the Pet Chatz Scentz pads.

This is perfect if you want to monitor every room in the house and buying several Pet Chatz HD would not prove to be practical.

Now if you only want to make sure that your pets are fed while you are away, get the Petnet Smart Feeder, which allows you to dispense your pet’s food using your smartphone. All other pet cameras that dispense treats are available for less than 0.

They can dispense treats, they have a wide camera angle, and they have mobile apps ready for i OS and Android devices.

They also have cameras with resolutions of 720 pixels.

If you are looking for a pet camera that does not dispense treats, then check out Pet Cube Interactive Pet Camera, which allows you to listen and talk to your pets, capture photos, and see what your pets are up to using your smartphone.

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