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A more common problem is for engineers or IT staff that often need to connect to devices or machines on a small network within a building.

To connect to that isolated network, you have to change your network settings to a static IP.

Enable Static(arr IPAddress, arr Subnet Mask) If Not err Enable Static = 0 Then WScript.

Echo "Failure assigning IP/Subnet." End If err Gateways = obj Net Adapter.

It’s also possible to accomplish this task with VB script, and it’s even possible to make it flexible enough so that it can accept user input for the static IP address.

In this article, I’ll show you how to do it in three sections.

The next is to come up with a script to enable DHCP.

Finally, the last is to ask the user which task they want to do, and then use that feedback to accomplish it.This week, I stumbled across an interesting problem.In many offices or work environments, you might need to redefine your network settings to connect to different networks.(For people you aren’t friends with, it’ll only show their publicly-available interactions.)The trick URL takes advantage of case you’re not aware, that URL shows the entire Facebook history between you and the person you’re “in a relationship with.”You should now be looking a page which shows any posts, events, photos, and videos the two people are tagged in. However, used correctly, it might help you use Facebook to land a date Dan is a British expat living in Mexico. At various times, he has been the Social Editor, Creative Editor, and Finance Editor.For example, some people take their laptop home with them and have a static IP set up specifically for that machine.

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