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You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. YOU CAN STOP laughing now, because this is not a line from Harry Enfield’s updated Women: Know Your Limits sketch.

It’s a line from the very first page of Not Your Mother’s Rules: The New Secrets For Dating, the latest book from The Rules stable, and it’s here to make heartless harridans out of our womenfolk and confused loners out of our men.

I say unlikely because in my experience online dating sites, particularly free ones, are a catch basin for unsavory candidates. After a one too many celebratory pints of Guinness, I asked the question:"So have you been back on the dating site recently? We had never had the conversation about exclusivity. Like a predator, I played with my victim, setting up a meeting time and place. The mind games worked because I knew his preferences and quirks.

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Not only that, it increases dramatically with the length of your password.

I hope that clears it up why most of the sites have minimum limit of 6 (nowadays 8) characters for the password length.

Most likely, when Randi vanished, he just moved on to the next real woman who wanted to date him.

These sites come with disclaimers that no background checks are done.

Now, I'll give some tips to decide on a more secure password.

As you can see, most of the tips I gave are just random things where you can remember the relationship between one thing and the other.

I use a short password and you use a long password.

Google decides on the encryption key, salting method etc.

There is nothing to stop people from perverting them for use that is unethical.

I rationalized that if I created a fake profile, many other jilted lovers had done it before me. I am not going to say that my ruse was totally useless. In the months that followed, the initial thrill faded.

The whole charade caused me to doubt my own worth more.

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