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What happens is sometimes people do this very often.

They try to find a husband for the woman.” Fouladkar confirmed that this problem of divorcing in anger and reaching the three-time limit does really happen to people, and "the subject [has been] tackled in Arabic cinema.

In Islam, the verbal declaration “I divorce you” is sufficient to end a marriage on the spot.

Still, reconciliation is allowed after the first two divorces.

Fouladkar explained, “Religiously, people can divorce each other verbally.

Then they have to go do the paperwork in courts and everything, but religiously, if he pronounces the divorce, then they are divorced.

A second plot in follows two newlyweds whose explosive, public fights lead them into an irreconcilable divorce neither actually wants.

Passionate young Mokhtar (Hussein Mokaddem) is madly in love with his beautiful new wife, Batoul (Zeinab Hind Khadra), but his fits of irrational jealousy lead him to divorce her verbally in the throes of anger.

They had sexual drive, they needed a sexual life, and they couldn’t get that out of Islam because it was an Islamic state.

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