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The actor still keeps a shirt that reminds him of the disease.

It was when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin 's disease, and at the same time, when he was notified about the full recovery.

As for the parents of the future actor, then as difficult as it may be, they never betrayed his sadness and despair.

And only when the disease has been overcome, Facundo learned that at that difficult time, his mother withdrew into the room and wept, and his father overcame bouts of despair, from the fact that he was unable to help his son.

Now, every year in August, the anniversary of the recovery of the actor wears this shirt.

After struggling with the disease, maturation and loss of work, Facundo Arana did not know what will happen next, he had no plans for the future, but he gave great pleasure to play the saxophone.

On this day, they played together in the transitions between the metro stations, and the next day, Facundo decided to look for a station its.

So, for ten months Argentinian joy to passers-by with his play at the metro station Pueredon ( Rueurredon ), line D.

But Facundo still remembers it and wears a cross, which he bequeathed to his.

The idea came to write his will to his friend, when Facundo was ill, and they both wrote it, not knowing that soon one of them will be destined to come into force.

While working on this channel yet still aspiring actor had to play in such series as ...

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