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And yet: "Research into Indigenous health has been largely focused on non-Indigenous, rather than Indigenous, notions of health" (King, Smith & Gracey, 2009), while at the same time, "counseling of Indigenous patients from mainstream perspectives may perpetuate oppression" (Duran & Duran, 1995).

In other words, our mental health frameworks, when applied among First peoples, may result in further trauma and perpetuate, rather than address, their problems. I call on psychologists to take a leading role in promoting evidence-based, culturally relevant mental health practices that emerge from a constructionist framework rooted in Indigenous psychologies.

facilities accommodating suicide in 1945-62

North America's Native Peoples: A social justice and trauma counseling approach. Inuit health system must move past suicide prevention to "unlock a better reality", conference told.

Her teaching and research interests encompass cultural diversity, psychology of oppression, and health psychology.

At the same time, themes emerge from shared experiences of genocide, bondage, colonization and alienation that have affected and continue to affect First Nations peoples worldwide. I hold that we do not yet fully know what such a construct will look like, other than restoration of the Indigenous to an uncolonized state.

Yet even this conceptualization has its limitations - it must not be viewed through the lens of romantic naivete which many in our mainstream culture use to gaze in simplistic nostalgia on the "primitive".

The schools’ ostensible purpose was to provide education for Native children.

But that education served a larger purpose, one that can only be termed genocidal: to eliminate indigenous culture from Canada. “They lack the basic fundamentals of civilized thought and spirit, which explains their childlike nature and behavior.

Black psychologists have identified constructionism as a culturally relevant paradigm that goes beyond redefinition of Eurocentic models for use among people of color (or oppressed peoples) but that constructs unique psychological models and practices from the homogenous individual cultural and historical experiences of oppressed peoples (Jones, 1998).

To this end, I would like to outline several key elements researchers, educators, practitioners and policy-makers must consider in enhancing the psychological well-being of First Nations peoples.

Suicide is prevalent in First peoples' communities. Grief and trauma responses are also prevalent among First peoples (Bryant-Davis & Ocampo, 2006). Indigenous health part 2: Underlying causes of the health gap.

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