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They recommend: Honesty (usually), playing fair, shutting up (sometimes), speaking up (other times), respecting that voice in your head that says “You’re doing WHAT?

”, making compromises, knowing when to cut bait, good sex, giving yourself a break, being needlessly generous, and periodically leaving your apartment.

Why You’re Still Single is not about chasing men, so you will not need a butterfly net.

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And that wasn’t the first round of his cheating adventures. You both hit it off for a several months with off-the charts chemistry- just to find out later you aren’t compatible as a couple.

You discovered later things happened “offline” too. Then you dated a few decent men here and there you met online.

They cite such dating turnoffs as trash talking the opposite sex, playing games, and nursing grudges.

Gender-specific annoyances addressed include a woman’s tendency to overtalk and overanalyze conversations and a man’s tendency to give advice but not to take it.

I have the cutest nieces on the planet that have expanded my cultural tastes to include Elmo birthday parties and Barney songs.

I am the kind of girlfriend who will save a show on Ti Vo if I know you want to watch it and make sure I try to keep your favorite foods in my fridge. You thought you met the right one, got married, had kids, then found out after 10 years of marriage he still wants the single life. You’re a busy woman in your 30s or 40s still wondering how to attract the right guy for you.I was out the other night with five friends who actually date people they meet online. My day job in software keeps me busy and is a great conversation topic at cocktail parties. She has a profile with maybe three sentences in it and two pictures (she is very pretty) and dated two guys within a month on being on Match. Another friend is going on 5 dates a week with women he meets on line. OK, they are all still single and dating, but they are DATING! They said I should only reveal a few things about myself and not try to be funny. A couple of weeks ago, my sister sent me this CNN article about a woman who did some experimenting with online dating. The key takeaway I got from the article was that your online profile should be short and kind of vague. I have been lucky enough to practice yoga in Bali and Marrakech but I have a hard time making it to class in NYC.I love being up early and enjoying the quiet of the city but am also very happy to cuddle in bed in a little longer with the perfect guy.

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